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Name:A writing journal.
Location:(states/regions/territories), Australia
Website:Archived fanfic journal
Posting Access:Select Members
Community description:Sashataakheru's writing journal for original fiction and fanfiction
Layout credit to [community profile] shifgrethor <3<3<3

Info about the three evil muses in question can be found here. A fourth has appeared since I created this comm, but he's content to remain anonymous. The bastard. XD

This is the writing journal of sashataakheru, sometimes known as the Queen of Crackfic.

I write queer original fiction, some dystopia (mostly set in Australia), other fantasy-type fiction, fanfiction and other assorted essays/rants. I'll use this comm to post fic (original and fanfic), bitch about plotbunnies, post excerpts of fic and other such things.

I am not trying to replicate the writing comm/journals I have over at LJ, so there will be little crossposting/duplication between them and few things posted both here and at LJ. I don't have the energy to keep that up, so I won't bother. I suppose what I'm trying to do is collate everything that doesn't quite fit and is spread between two/three places on LJ and gather them into one place. And organise it better. XD

There may be occasional posts from [personal profile] wingedcasanova as well. It's my RP muse journal, mostly for [community profile] musing_way, but also for random bits of fiction/ranting/etc. It's primarily Craig's journal, but the other muses might use it from time to time as well. Anything interesting enough will be posted here as well.

Anyway. On to what fandoms and pairings/ships I will be posting here. Just so we're clear. :P There are other fandoms I'll leave over at LJ and not post here, just because there's an established community for them, and the fandoms below are little oddities in my plethora of fic and could quite happily live here without upsetting any of my readers.

- Aus. Politics slash (though some Rudd/Hockey will be posted back to LJ)
- ABC* slash (though a little will be crossposted back to LJ)
- ELO/Beatles
- Occasional bandslash (Garbage/No Doubt, of Montreal, etc)
- A little Chaser slash (Andrew/Jeff Lynne, Andrew/Bajo, etc, more than anything else) -- the stuff that Andrew gives me that mostly involves him/others and no other Chaser boys that I find difficult to call proper Chaser slash.

* ABC being the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, just so we're clear. :P

- Australian politics: Kevin Rudd (ALP)/Joe Hockey (LIB), Mark Latham (ALP)/Tony Abbott (LIB), Tanya Plibersek (Fed ALP)/Verity Firth (NSW ALP), Tony Abbott (LIB)/Christopher Pyne (LIB)
- ABC people: Kerry O'Brien/Tony Jones (News), Leigh Sales/Lisa Millar (News), Jennifer Byrne/Marieke Hardy (1st Tues. Book Club), Bajo/Junglist (Good Game)
- ELO/The Beatles: Jeff Lynne/Bev Bevan/Richard Tandy, Jeff Lynne/George Harrison, Jeff Lynne/Dhani Harrison
- Other bandslash: Gwen Stefani/Shirley Manson, Kevin Barnes/Bryan Poole, Kevin Barnes/Conor Oberst (not that I've written it, but damn do I want to. XD)
- Crossovers: Bajo/Andrew Hansen, Jeff Lynne/Andrew Hansen, David Marr/Alexander Downer, and other assorted things.

You might notice that I write an awful lot of Australians, with a selection of Brits and Americans. If you're unsure who I'm writing about, ask away! I'm happy to introduce you to the tiny fandoms I write in. :D

All fanfic in here is totally fictional and should not be taken as the truth. Evar. I don't know or am associated with any of the people I write about. Nor am I making any money off this.

Also, general warning:
A lot of my fic contains smut, slash, kink, queer stuff, trans/gender issues, BDSM, buttsecks, femmeslash, occasional explicit sex, and other potentially adult stuff. If you don't like it, don't read it.
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